As part of the implementation of the international academic exchange, from January 1 to 31, 2023, the candidate of higher education with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, 1st year of training, teacher of the Department of Ukrainian Language and Teaching Methods Inna Lukianchuk was on a scientific internship at the Faculty of Arts Liberales of the University of Warsaw, Republic of Poland , and under the tutelage of scientific director Dr. Kinga Bialek worked on the project on the topic: "Educational Internet resources in the professional activity of a philologist: Polish experience." It was possible to take part in such an internship thanks to the NAWA scholarship for young researchers.

In order to carry out research and fulfill the tasks of the individual research internship plan, Ms. Lukianchuk visited the library, the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, the Department of Ukrainian Studies of the University of Warsaw and the Copernicus Science Center.

The internship made it possible to study the experience of training future philologists at the University of Warsaw, in particular with regard to the use of educational Internet resources in professional activities, to determine the best experience in the use of modern information and communication technologies that ensure the improvement of the educational process, the accessibility and effectiveness of education, the preparation of the younger generation for life in information society and in the future to implement it in the training of Ukrainian language and literature teachers at Uman State Pedagogical University named after Pavlo Tychyna.

According to the results of the report on the scientific activity of the scholar based on the acquired knowledge regarding innovative technologies, forms, methods and digital means of learning; taking into account European experience in order to qualitatively solve professional tasks in the field of educational and methodical activity; testing the results of scientific research in an international environment, developing proposals for the implementation of the advanced achievements of science in the practice of educational and pedagogical activity Inna Lukianchuk received a certificate of international internship.

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